Imagine Patriots....2020 PPIS Choir Slideshow

FLAT Patriot Project

Who’s ready to go on some “quarantined” adventures from home with your teacher and/or principal/Cook ?  Well, you can while practicing safe distancing with your very own Flat Patriot!  I have included emoji’s(Patriot) of several staff members.  All that you have to do is take them along on your adventures while at home and post your picture of you and your Flat Patriot on Our school facebook page, ( your parents can help you do this) PPIS Patriots.  You can also send your picture to your teacher on DOJO and they can post it for you.  I can’t wait to see your adventures.  Feel free to read with your Patriot, build a fort with your Patriot, or take a walk, color the sidewalk, produce a finger play, do homework, or any other fun adventure with your Patriot.  Simply cut out your choice of staff member(from the list below) and go on an adventure, Snap your picture with you and the Flat patriot and tell us a brief description of your activity!

 Please use the following hashtags.



Miss you Bunches!

Mrs. Walton


  1. Anthony
  2. Meadows
  3. Miller
  4. Smalley
  5. Adkins
  6. Bentz
  7. Carroll
  8. Gilley
  9. Burns
  10. Morrow
  11. Surface
  12. Watson
  13. Cook
  14. Hanson
  15. Hitt
  16. Tate
  17. Thompson
  18. R. Anthony
  19. Durst
  20. Hersman
  21. Heib
  22. Barnett
  23. Walton
  24. Nurse Jill

PPIS Virtual Spring Break 2020

PPIS Virtual Spring Break 2020

Food/Class Assignment Delivery Survey


Welcome to PPIS

PPIS Life 2019-2020

Point Pleasant Intermediate School is a 3rd-6th grade school that serves approximately 360 students. The county established the school in 2003 with the consolidation of Central Elementary, Northpoint Elementary, and Ordnance Elementary.

PPIS strives to educate all its students and has an attendance rate of 92%.


Education is a collaborative effort between staff, families, and community members.
All students will develop academic and social skills with an emphasis on safety, responsibility, and respect.

Point Pleasant Intermediate School

Mrs. Stacey Walton, Principal

Jill Martin, Assistant Principal

1 Walden Roush Way

Point Pleasant, WV  25550

(304) 675-1430