Mason County Schools held the County Science Fair December 1, 2022 at the Mason County Board of Education Board Room. All of our schools were represented with 73 projects and 110 students. 

We would like to thank our 24 community judges who volunteered their time to help judge these projects. 

Congratulations to all the students who participated and represented their schools with excellent projects.

All our First-Place winners will move on to the Regional Science Fair that will be held at the Mason County Board of Education on March 2nd, 2023. The first place winners will also be recognized at the December 13, 2022 Board Meeting at 6:00 PM.

First Place Winners

Elementary 3-5 First Place Winners

Chemistry-Marissa Thomas-Spotless and Clean-Leon Elementary                                                Energy-Cooper Withrow and Addison Withrow-Lemon Battery-Roosevelt Elementary                      Engineering-Ezekiel Martindale and Ellie Martindale-Keep it Hot Hot Hot-Roosevelt Elem              Technology-Willow Ingles-Ur Robots Making Ur Life Easier-Roosevelt Elementary                                Animal Science-Chew On It-Macie Simpkins-Beale Elementary                                                                            Physics and Astronomy-Does Surface Matter-Macie Patrick-Roosevelt Elementary

Middle School 6-8 First Place Winners                   

Physics and Astronomy-Scott Stewart and Brylon McMillian-Sink or Float- Roosevelt Elem           Animal Science-Patrick Grady, Gabe Dickens, and Anthony Dane-Fast Food Germs-PPIS              Behavioral and Social Science-Mais Badran-Our Memory Loves Rainbows-PPIS                                   Engineering-Just Plane Fun-Jason Li and Liam StClair-PPIS                                                                                   Medical Sciences-Cali Nowlin-Music's Effect on Heart Rate-Roosevelt Elementary                             Material Science-Luke Stewart and Jamey Pearson-Tensile Strength-Does Cost Matter                 Energy-Sophie Randolph-Solar Oven Cooking-Ashton Elementary

High School 9-12-First Place Winners

Chemistry-Savannah Decker and Payton Barnitz-Salt and Ice-Wahama High School                            Cellular and Molecular Biology-LilyAnne Nance, Emma Deal, and Yanara Gonzalez-What Will Happen When You Yeast Expect it-Hannan High School                                                                                              Biochemistry-Gabbie Jefferson, J.W. Adkins, and Chaz Tilka,-Gel Electrphoresis DNA Analysis-Hannan High School                                                                                                                                                          Environmenta Engineering-Makenna Hull-Is the Ionizer the Better Purifier-Hannan High                  Physics and Astronomy-Keira Tatterson and Burt Addison-Does Air Pressure Matter?-PPHS       Biomedical and Health Sciences-Celana Brown-How the Brain Reads-PPHS

Second Place

Elementary 3-5 Second Place Winners

Engineering-Claire Thompson and Macyn Jeffrey-Bubble Trouble-Beale Elementary                         Earth and Environmental Science-Grant Gillispie-Which Tinder Works Best for Starting a Campfire-Ashton Elementary                                                                                                                                                            Energy-Alex McKown and Will Hickman-Launch-Leon Elementary                                                                    Animal Science-Cody Whittington and Casey Dunn-Man vs. Dog-Ashton Elementary                        Chemistry-Riley Daugherty-Self Inflating Balloon-Roosevelt Elementary

Middle School 6-8 Second Place Winners

Medical Sciences-Serenity Putney-Does Less Sugar Equal Pearly Whites-Ashton Elementary    Physics and Astronomy-Chance Woodall-Soccer Science- PPJSHS                                                                Energy-Ava Miller-Does Hot Air Expnd?- PPIS                                                                                                                    Engineering-Jodon Parker and Cooper Roush-Fastener Holding-Wahama

High School 9-12 Second Place Winners

Biomedical Engineering-Amberlynn Wroten and Delaney Pearson-Who Has Better Breath Support- PPHS                                                                                                                                                                                            Chemistry-Camerson Wright, Lily Finley, and Eli Chapman-Do Different Voltages Affect Electrolysis-Hannan High School                                                                                                                                                  Behavioral & Social Sciences-Logan Holland & Alex Shrader-Teenagers Affect on Sleep-PPHS  Plant Sciences-Grace Matovich-Microwave Radiation Effect on Germination-PPHS                                                                                                                                     

Third Place

Elementary 3-5 Third Place Winners

Physics and Astronomy-Elizabeth Milhoan-How Does Distance Effect Light Intensity-Beale          Chemistry-Marlie Fetty and Kylie Arrington-What's Poppin?-Beale Elementary                                        Earth & Environmental Science-Lilly Ingels-Which Paper Towel Soaks up the Most-Roosevelt      Engineering-Adalynn Woodard-Slime Science-New Haven Elementary                                                          Behavioral & Social Science-Payton Deweese and Levi Payne-Color and Taste- Leon Elem

Middle School 6-8 Third Place Winners

Energy-Ady Vanmeter and Kilah Roush-Glowing Pickle-Wahama                                                                        Engineering-Brayden Collins-The Impacts of Robotics in the Real World-Hannan                                  Chemistry-Hayden Taylr, Gage Spencer, and Jaxon Stickler-What Powers Your Aid-Hannan        Medical Sciences-Aubrie Payne-Blood Clotting to the Rescue-PPJSHS                                                        Plant Science-Sophia Grey and Kierstyn Hart-Snow Pea Growt-Wahama                                                     Physics and Astronomy-Alivia Hudnall-Melting Ice-Leon Elementary

High School 9-12 Third Place Winners

Physics and Astronomy-Trey Gilkey-Catapult Angles- Wahama                                                                            Plant Sciences-Caleb Cordell and Aislynn Forshee-Do Plants Get Cold Feet-Hannan                          Mathematics-Cheyanne Curry-How Does the Splatter Matter-Hannan                                                          Biochemistry-Brinna Roush-Diaper Models-Hannan                                                                                                    Engineering Technology:Statics and Dynamics-Alex Hardwick and Brycen Bumgarner-Hot Air Balloon-Wahama                                                                                                                                                                                        Chemistry-Chris Smith-Magnificent Cereal-PPHS