Mason County Schools hosted the Regional Science Fair 2/3/2023. There were 40 projects presented by students from Cabell, Mason, and Mingo County. Mason County had several First-place and Second-place winners. The First-place winners will compete in State Science Fair in Charleston March 6, 2023 #MasonProud

First Place Winners

Division I / Chemistry

Spotless and Clean

Marissa Thomas

Division I / Energy

Lemon Battery

Cooper Withrow & Addison Withrow

Division I / Engineering

Keep It Hot, Hot, Hot

Ezekiel Martindale & Elianna Martindale

Division I / Technology

Ur Robots Making Ur Life Easier

Willow Ingles

Division I l / Behavioral and Social Sciences

Our Memory Loves Rainbows

Mais Badran

Division I l / Engineering

Just Plane Fun

Jason Li & Liam St. Clair

Division I l / Material Science

Tensile Strength - Does Cost Matter

Lucas Stewart & Jamason Pearson

Division I l / Medical Sciences

Music's Effect on Heart Rate

Cali Nowlin

Division I l l / Biochemistry

Gel Electrophoresis DNA Analysis

Gabrielle Jefferson, James Adkins, & Chaz Tilka

Division I l l / Biomedical and Health Sciences

How the Brain Reads

Celena Brown

Division I l l / Chemistry

Salt & Ice

Savannah Decker & Payton Barnitz

Division I l l / Environmental Engineering

Is the Ionizer the Better Purifier

Makenna Hull

Division I l l / Physics and Astronomy

Does Air Pressure Matter?

Keira Tatterson & Addison Burt

Second Place

Division I / Animal Science

Chew On It Macie Simpkins

Division I / Physics and Astronomy

Does Surface Matter

Macie Patrick

Division I l / Animal Science

Fast Food Germs

Patrcik Grady, Gabriel Dickenes, & Dane Anthony

Division I l l / Cellular and Molecular Biology What Will Happen When you Yeast Expect It 
Lillyanne Nance, Emma Deal, & Yanara Gonzalez

Division I l / Energy

Solar Oven Cooking

Sophie Randolph